Azana Tech develops cloud strategies and architecture to help you in your cloud journey, so you can accelerate your business innovation and modernization. We lead you through all stages of your cloud transformation from the on-prem IT system to AWS. Once on the cloud, we help modernize applications and databases and optimize your cloud environment, so you can take full advantage of cloud-native products. We specialize in cloud migration, data analytics, data warehousing (Redshift), business intelligence, reporting, and machine learning. Our certified consultants have expertise in leveraging a full portfolio of AWS products and services to transform your business into a cloud-first enterprise. 

Delivering Innovation and Value

Our Client Centric Approach

We always focus on understanding your business needs and objectives. Every company is unique and, in order to maximize its potential, should have the IT environment to match its business goals. Only the close alignment between the two will guarantee the overall business success.

Through understanding of your business goals, constraints and based on your valuation criteria, we develop the optimal cloud approach, which fits well with your desired outcome and overall business strategy.

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Alignment of Cloud & Business Strategy

Our approach is to look at each IT project as a business project - with clearly defined objectives, geared towards specific business goals, and with benefits that deliver the value and justify the cost. Working with technology is no longer about huge investments and long-term commitments. With more options on the table, your company needs an agile partner, who works closely with you to align your cloud adoption strategy with your business goals.

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Predictable Process

Our projects consist of structured phases to increase transparency and reduce risk. We start with the discovery and assessment, identifying resources and needs, then architect the solution, and deliver it in the iterative / incremental cycles. At each stage of the project, you will know exactly what was done and what’s remaining.

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Each day your company faces different challenges and the ability to respond has a tremendous impact on the future of your business. Staying on top of your game and getting answers to your most challenging business questions mean you have to be innovative. That’s why cloud adoption is so important. It lets you quickly explore new IT options, build and test new products, integrate and analyze your data, and save money while retiring your old infrastructure. With us, you get a partner, who will help you tap into the latest cloud technology.

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