which aligns with your business goals

Align Your Cloud Strategy With Your Business Goals

Azana Tech Cloud Advisory prepares you for your cloud journey by developing a roadmap on how to move to the cloud and provides you with all the necessary information to make a business decision to invest in cloud technology.

Use A Cloud Roadmap For Your Business Success

We start with your business and technology goals and align them with the cloud strategy. First, we do a complete discovery and an assessment of your current IT infrastructure. Next, we analyze findings by matching them with various cloud service options, comparing alternatives, cost, and benefits, and then present them as a business case. We provide you with guidelines for your readiness of the cloud transformation and a step-by-step plan for cloud implementation. The Cloud Advisory is done as a part of the migration process or as an initiative to help you realize the value and savings that cloud can offer for your business.

Our business case, prepared for your company, helps uncover opportunities, cost savings, and efficiencies, which drive your progress, accelerate innovation, and increase productivity.

Here's How It's Done



We evaluate your current IT environment.



We gather the information about your business needs and objectives. We then align the cloud strategy with your business goals.



We put together a customized business case, which includes Total Cost of Ownership, Total Migration Cost, and Return on Investment. 

Match Your IT Resources With Your Business Objectives


Each company is different and unique, so IT resources should match the specific business objectives to maximize your company potential. Knowing your business objectives is a key to creating a sound cloud roadmap. That’s why one of the first things we do is try to find out about you - we like to understand what challenges you are facing, what are your business priorities,  and what drives your interest in the cloud. Based on your needs and goals, we offer alternatives and make suggestions, from which we help you choose the best option, so your cloud solution is based on your own business criteria. We want you to achieve immediate benefits and ensure a solid path for reaching your goals and priorities. Cloud offers a lot of options and we want to ensure the right adoption strategy to empower the pursuit of your business goals.


We arrive at highly personalized strategy to maximize your cloud investment benefits.


Investing in technology should not be much different than any other investment. Afterall, it consumes time and money in order to provide business value. We like to help our clients with identifying benefits and matching costs to ROI. Our clients are happy knowing that we support their prioritization efforts, helping them maximize their benefits. That’s why we take a deep dive into what the Return on Investment will be by moving to AWS, discuss any security issues, go over other operational concerns, and show you how cloud will drive your business forward.