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At Azana Tech, we develop highly secure, reliable, and scalable Big Data solutions. We help companies transform their businesses into data-driven and customer-centric organizations, focused on making strategic decisions based on their data.


Use data to get insights into your business

We are experienced in building solutions, using AWS tools and developing the best fitting architecture, which closely match your business goals. Our advanced analytical solutions are based on years of experience and technical knowledge in data modeling, processing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We help you use your data to grow your business, find out about the past and future behavior of your clients, or discover the new revenue opportunities.

Our data and analytics consultants offer experience identifying your goals and priorities and aligning them with various AWS building blocks, which best fit into your use case. Work can be done all at once or split into incremental phases for better refinement and closer alignment with your usage patterns and to amplify learning via feedback.

We develop big data solutions, leveraging AWS building blocks, such as: Kinesis, S3, Redshift, Amazon EMR, Aurora, DynamoDB, Machine Learning, Sage Maker, and others.

Let us help you build powerful analytical solutions and get the most value from your data


Ingest structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from variety of sources.


Capture, process, and analyze the real-time streaming data, such as video, audio, IoTs, click data.


Transform, aggregate, and analyze data with Redshift, EMR, and Athena.


Visualize data with QuickSight or build ad-hoc reports and dashboards.


Build machine learning and artificial intelligent models and solutions with SageMaker or use one of the pre-trained AI services for forecasting, recommendations, language, etc.

Machine Learning

Get insights to your business with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

When implementing Big Data Architecture, your organization gains instant access to powerful, on-demand machine learning capabilities, which allows us to provide you with more scientific approach to your data. We develop training models, specifically answering the needs of your individualized data interests. Analytical ML workloads run on on-demand-provisioned machines, so they don't interfere with other aspects of your business.

Enhance Your Applications with Machine Learning Technology



Build accurate ML training datasets.



Train models on high-capacity, on-demand hardware for quick results.



Make your applications smarter.

Let us help you venture into a cloud territory and imagine new possibilities.  

To get valuable insights into all of your data and to leverage it to make strategic decisions about your business, you need powerful tools, such as AWS Big Data building blocks. Using these new tools, we can help you harness your data in the cloud. This way you can focus on your business, instead of managing an expensive data center. We build well-architected systems, which can load massive amounts of streaming or other type of data and analyze it in real-time. We can store data from different sources - video, clicks, emails, financial transactions, etc, and process it using fully managed Hadoop framework (EMR), Apache Spark, Amazon Athena, and more. We can build a data warehouse for you, using Redshift, which is easily scalable and can ingest petabytes of data. Then, we can help you visualize your data, using dashboards, reports, and other tools.


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