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Modern Cloud Platform

Data Lake & Data Warehouse

We build scalable, flexible, and secured Modern Data Platforms (Data Lakes and Data Warehouses) and develop big data solutions, using AWS services, such as S3, Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce, DynamoDB, Aurora, Kinesis, and others.

Unlock  value of your data with our Modern Data Platform.

Learn new insights about your clients' behavior, unleash your productivity, differentiate your products and services, and improve your operational effectiveness.

Wave of digital transformation, emergence of cloud computing, and the explosion of data forced companies to rethink their business and data strategies.

Effective organizations give up guessing in favor of data-driven decisions. As a result, these companies, guided by data, outperform their competition.

To process massive amounts of data, you need a modern data platform, because it offers solutions for the demands of digital business environments.



Our Most Popular Projects


Data Lake

Store, process, and analyze all your data as much as needed.


Data Warehouse (AWS Redshift)

Migrate to Redshift to increase the capacity to petabytes and lower the cost.


Enhance Data Warehouse with Data Lake

Shift heavy-lifting to more powerful, on-demand machines


Data Pipe

Automate the movement and transformation of your data and substantially improve the ETL performance.


Ingestion & Streaming

Bring massive amounts of real-time and batch data.


Data Visualization

Improve users' experience with responsive dashboards and reports.

Let us help you build a new data platform in the cloud.

MODERN DATA PLATFORM - powerful Data Lake with Data Warehouse

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Our Migrations in Data and Analytics

With cloud solutions, many of the conventional database tools have evolved to employ the advantages of the cloud for the consumer benefit. Decoupling of processing and storage with on-demand compute and availability of practically infinite storage allow for better alignment with processing needs, lower cost, and much better scalability.

Employ systems that scale with cost based on usage.